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Our cloud platform solutions at a glance


cpX.Energy – the cloud platform for energy traders

Digitalisation and the energy transition have shaped a new era for the process chains of energy traders. Digital platforms help traders achieve a new level of quality. They bundle process steps and enable interaction with new technologies.

cpX.Energy offers an all-inclusive solution portfolio for energy suppliers on a cloud platform. Reduce the number of process steps and bring down your costs as a result. cpX.Energy integrates seamlessly into your business processes via standardised services.

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cpX.Test – the new testing generation

Growing requirements lead to more frequent changes to software programs. The complexity of system architectures and processes is increasing, which puts high requirements on the quality of your software. Automate your test processes with cpX.Test, the customer testing platform of GAS-X and ENER-GX.

The connection to our cloud platform enables you to execute complex, fully automated and cyclically repeatable tests on your system with your data.

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cpX.AI - Cloud services based on artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence today offers countless possibilities that make our private and working lives easier. Automated, intelligent processes and machine learning are just two prominent examples.

Our cpX.AI service offers a complete infrastructure based on a number of Artificial Intelligence methods. The Cloud Platform features a range of ready-to-use services such as a prognosis service for consumption behaviour, and anomaly detection for metering data.

Employing either classic static models or state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks, cpX.AI automatically creates prognoses and classifies your data in no time. Leave it to cpX.AI to analyse your vast data and focus only on the filtered results.

Learning builds on experience – and we never stop learning. Based on your expertise and on real-life data, we continuously improve our neural networks.


cpX.Portal - Portal solutions for the energy industry

A good business portal is vital for process quality and customer satisfaction. A portal must provide all the latest contract-relevant data clearly and on time and must offer intelligent self-services.

cpX.Portal, our Portal as a Service, includes portal applications for exactly those extended business processes and for the information exchange with market partners and customers – tailored to the requirements of your market role.

Our central portal server is based on a uniform, professional portal infrastructure and the direct communication with our GAS-X and ENER-GX business modules as well as cpX platforms.

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cpX.MACO – the cloud solution for market communication

The secure and smooth exchange of data between market partners and customers is the basis for process quality and the success of digitalisation in the energy industry.

Our cloud platform cpX.MACO supports market communication for various market roles and the exchange of messages between the players involved, whilst taking into account energy industry processes.

The platform carries out supplier change processes (GPKE and GeLi Gas) and other business communication processes, considering current deadlines and formats. Detailed monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages as well as business processes involved in contract and billing management are part of the platform's functional scope.

cpX.MACO integrates the market communication processes for our energy SaaS solutions, but can also be used in combination with on-premises applications.

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GX@Cloud: service offers for GAS-X and ENER-GX

Just a few years ago, cloud solutions were sneered at. Today they have become the norm. Almost every company now has a cloud strategy. On-premises systems and classic IT architectures are losing ground. For good reason: Cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and SAP S4/HANA Cloud take the load off companies’ IT resources, and in-house data centres are becoming obsolete. This enables companies to be more innovative and to work faster.

With GX@Cloud, Sopra Steria makes GAS-X and ENER-GX available in the cloud. In the cloud era, companies aim for a modern IT infrastructure that is flexible, efficient and reliable at the same time. This involves considerable effort. We can help you with that. Sopra Steria’s GX@Cloud solutions tackle all three of those goals. We take care of all operational tasks for infrastructure, applications and the whole service management.

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