Voilà! French grid operator switches to the GX@Cloud

Sep 8, 2020, 08:47 AM
Title* : Voilà! French grid operator switches to the GX@Cloud

Teréga, another major grid operator, has made the switch from its local data centre to the GX@Cloud. Since early June, Teréga relies on GAS-X applications hosted by Sopra Steria SE in a cloud environment to perform the hourly processes of thermic quantity determination – including imports and exports. Thanks to Sopra Steria’s fully integrated approach, Teréga enjoys the best support possible, ranging from topics such as technical operation to complex business processes. Sopra Steria staff have proven their expertise during the go-live phase. Regulatory requirements in France made it necessary to limit the downtime for switching to the GX@Cloud to a maximum of 2 hours. Using established AWS services, 500 GB of data were transferred in time and simultaneously migrated from the Oracle database system to MariaDB. Teréga is the first GAS-X customer that uses the MariaDB DMBS. 

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