Sopra Steria Helps To Help: A Trip To India That Left An Impression

Oct 23, 2019, 16:15 PM
Title* : Sopra Steria Helps To Help: A Trip To India That Left An Impression

For many years, Sopra Steria has promoted digitization, education and employment projects as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilty Program . Part of this program is the support of schools and students in India. Over the past few years, the Sopra Steria Group and its staff have donated to providing schools with technical equipment and scholarship funding. Donations of the project are 100% beneficial to their purpose.

During their recent trip to India, our GAS-X colleagues Uwe Anders and Michael Krausemann had the opportunity to have a look at the work and fruits of the CSR program: They visited school projects that Sopra Steria supports with technical equipment and international volunteers, met young people sponsored by Sopra Steria for their studies and took a look at social projects (water treatment plant, solar panels, library, computer lab) that could be implemented with the help of donations.


Schule en Indien

Schulbesuch in Indien










Finally, they also had the opportunity to meet the Indian project team of GAS-X, personally talk to the colleagues and view their offices in Noida.

Gas-x Team in Indien


Uwe and Michael were particularly impressed by the warmth and happiness of the people, especially the children. The scholarship holders, who are coached locally by Indian Sopra Steria Volunteers especially in their soft skills in order to best prepare them for their studies and careers, were curious, inquisitive and very interested.

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