New cloud-based billing platform ENER-GX Supply

Jul 17, 2019, 16:31 PM
Title* : New cloud-based billing platform ENER-GX Supply

With ENER-GX Supply, Sopra Steria Consulting expands its product portfolio with a billing solution for tariff customers and standard business customers. The solution is designed strictly as a cloud platform and is tailored to support digital transformation projects.

Based on many years of experience in planning, offer calculation and billing of complex multi-commodity energy contracts in the B2B segment, Sopra Steria Consulting supplements the ENER-GX software suite with a billing component for standard tariff customers in the B2C and SME segment.

The new billing solution is designed with the needs of energy suppliers in mind. It supports a wide range of business processes from billing to accounting for commodity and non-commodity products.

Major features of the new solution are:

  • Simple structures with a high degree of automation
  • Seamless integration of market communication/change of supplier processes and subledger accounting
  • Mass management of locations, measurement data, meters and direct link to the current contract with all necessary information
  • Management of tariffs with different tariff components for commodity and non-commodity products
  • Creation of advance payment plans and forwarding of requests for advance payment to the subledger, including confirmation of the payment status of the advance payment amounts to the billing system for consideration in periodic billing processes
  • Mass billing based on incoming meter readings or forecast data
  • Event-driven, automatic invoices creation or preparation processes triggered by incoming periodic meter reading or interim reading data
  • Service-oriented interface to other platforms (e.g. Salesforce for CRM processes)
  • Low process costs due to high degree of automation and intelligent monitoring


ENER-GX supply is the link that was missing for a fully-integrated all-in-one billing platform that supports all processes, be it for highly flexible, complex industrial customer scenarios or simple standard scenarios for tariff customers.

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