In a nutshell: The cloud platform cpX.Energy

Mar 25, 2021, 16:44 PM
Title* : In a nutshell: The cloud platform cpX.Energy


In the last few months, the platform has been expanded to include additional important functional and technological blocks:

The major technical extensions in the cpX.Energy platform at a glance:

  • Market communication

    Holistic processing of your energy trading contracts as well as new contracts with support for German GeLi and GPKE processes support from and into the market

  • Reference date and periodic billing (May 2021)

    Support for the billing of contracts that cover several thousand market locations and different billing cycles and intervals

  • Subledger

    Dunning, bank returns, write-offs and specific provisions are standard functions.

  • Advance payment plans

    Organisation of advance payment plans for several thousand market locations of a contract including separate statistical posting in the subledger

Major technical enhancements to cpX.Energy:


  • Less operational overhead

    Avoidance of usual operational tasks of an on-prem application – Extensive possibilities of connection to internal and external IT systems enabled through a service-oriented architecture and the use of standard logs and technologies such as Oauth2 / OpenID Connect for authentication as well as REST and SOAP web services

  • Availability and scalability
    Modern application distributed across services that operates on a scalable high-availability platform at AWS


  • Data security

    Interlocking of many different data security procedures and mechanisms:

    • Use of Oauth2 / OpenID Connect for authentication, including an interface to an identity management system.
    • Separation of customer data – each customer has their own database.
    • Granular permission system
    • Encryption of the data on the transport route and during storage
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