GRTgaz: Successful transformation of GAS-X applications to GX@Cloud

Nov 13, 2019, 16:09 PM
Title* : GRTgaz: Successful transformation of GAS-X applications to GX@Cloud

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDS), Auto Scaling, Elastic Block Store (EBS) Snapshots … – from now on, these terms will dominate the day-to-day operational routines of GAS-X at GRTgaz.

As of earlier this week, all GAS-X applications of GRTgaz have gone live on the GX@Cloud platform. The platform is operated by Sopra Steria and is based on the public cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The last on-premise database has been exported to the AWS cloud environment at noon. At the same time, final configurations and a backup deployment of the applications were completed, after which GAS-X started working in the GX@Cloud in the afternoon. Import and export interfaces worked smoothly and GRTgaz staff had immediate access to the system.

Sopra Steria has supported GRTgaz for many years as a partner for EDM and billing processes. This new project takes a long-standing partnership to the next level.

Other Sopra Steria clients are already lined up for the transformation of GAS-X to GX@Cloud!

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