GAS-X ready to send electronic invoices

Jun 25, 2020, 06:34 AM
Title* : GAS-X ready to send electronic invoices

On 01 Oct 2020 the 11th version of cooperation agreement between German TSOs will take effect. As of this moment, TSOs in Germany must provide to their transmission customers capacity billing documents for consumer exit points in electronic form. To this end, German energy associations BDEW and DVGW have passed regulations that make mandatory the EDIFACT formats INVOIC and REMADV.

GAS-X already supports verification and dispatch processes for electronic invoices, thanks to requirements from other market roles. While BDEW and DVGW teams got to work, Sopra Steria’s experts have in cooperation with specialists from a number of TSOs specified at a very early stage how to implement the INVOIC standard in GAS-X.

As a result, GAS-X can now create invoices as electronic invoices. Custom adjustments to reflect configuration and market communication requirements ensure invoices are dispatched as INVOIC documents on time starting from the October period of performance.

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