GAS-X App: Mobile invoice approval at Open Grid Europe

Apr 26, 2019, 16:46 PM
Title* : GAS-X App: Mobile invoice approval at Open Grid Europe

Open Grid Europe GmbH relies on the GAS-X invoice approval app for mobile devices to check and approve a range of outgoing payment documents.

Invoice approval with the GAS-X App is a multi-stage process that ensures both ease of use and high security. The app uses bi-directional, encrypted transmission channels (SSL, HTTPS) to communicate with the customers GAS-X system via Sopra Steria’s cloud-based Application Gateway. Data required for the registration process is signed to ensure data integrity and to verify the data source.

The GAS-X App is available for iOS and Android. The actual invoice approval process is handled by two billing steps in the GAS-X Billing system. As the app does not persist invoice data for security reasons, the invoice data is loaded on demand from the backend system's database. Data is displayed almost instantaneously in the app.

The GAS-X app environment and architecture is designed to scale easily, allowing the addition of new, tailor-made apps that do not require customer infrastructure.

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