Early Detection of Inconsistencies Implemented for Balancing Groups

Sep 15, 2019, 16:25 PM
Title* : Early Detection of Inconsistencies Implemented for Balancing Groups

The current intermediate Cooperation Agreement (KoV) contains appropriate provisions to identify improper behaviour by balancing group managers at an early stage. Since 1 June 2019, this has enabled the market area managers NetConnect Germany and GASPOOL to react to inconsistencies and to initiate suitable countermeasures (additional documents for the approval of balancing group managers and transport customers, faster termination options, more methods for passing on information).

To meet these requirements, GAS-X has been extended for the market area managers to include an inconsistencies detection based on provided transport nominations and a corresponding notification mechanism.

GAS-X provides a web service for this purpose used to transfer the nomination data from the market partners (e.g. from the TSOs in GAS-X Grid) to the market area managers. Based on the transmitted nomination data, the GAS-X system calculates key figures on occurring inconsistencies of the balancing groups. In addition, GAS-X offers different control and monitoring views. The monitoring was supplemented by an active notification, which informs the responsible employees about possible inconsistencies on a daily basis.

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