Enovos settles electricity delivery contracts with ENER-GX

German energy supplier Enovos has been using ENER-GX for billing its electricity delivery contracts since the beginning of 2021. Enovos trusts Sopra Steria and the ENER-GX billing software for both gas and electricity billing.

For the energy company, which has specialised in customized delivery models for major customers, the expansion of the ENER-GX solution means homogeneity in the software landscape and a high degree of automation compared to the old system.

Key aspects of the integration project included:

  • Bulk billing for bundle customer scenarios with very complex contracts that cover many delivery points
  • Support for contract-specific solutions, e.g. by creating collector invoices, electronic invoices, etc.

 All challenges that arose from the very short project duration or the current situation with COVID-19 were successfully mastered through close coordination.

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