Efficient incident management – Digitalise another step in your process chain

GAS-X as a central element between on-site equipment technology and determined energy.

Incident management is a workflow integrated in GAS-X for tracking and rectifying incidents in gas measuring stations as a supplement to the energy determination processes in GAS-X GDM and the acquisition of measurement data in GAS-X ZFA.

Incidents due to incorrect measurement data retrieval can be recorded in GAS-X and forwarded to the assignee/auditor by email with all the necessary details. The recording takes place directly where the error is noticed.

This is what the GAS-X incident management offers:

  • Display of conspicuous and potentially defective systems
  • Overview and evaluation of corrected and non-corrected incidents
  • Tracking of current and historicised data
  • Automatic reminder when a target date for fault clearance is reached
  • Separate email templates for internal and external auditors

In GAS-X, Sopra Steria thus maps another process step in the process chain of system operators and you streamline your IT landscape.

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