Core-X: New cloud offering infrastructure for GAS-X and ENER-GX portfolios

May 8, 2019, 00:00 AM
Title* : Core-X: New cloud offering infrastructure for GAS-X and ENER-GX portfolios

Running cloud solutions places special demands on the infrastructure. Topics such as scalability, ease of integration, standardised operating models and data security are now key factors. Companies must address these topics to master increasingly dynamic digitalisation demands.

That is why Sopra Steria Consulting has decided to add the all new infrastructure module “Core-X” to the GAS-X and ENER-GX product suites. The module serves as the technological basis for all new GAS-X and ENER-GX business modules. It facilitates the seamless integration into existing application landscapes.

The main features are:

  • Secure data storage
    Date is stored in a separate database per customer. As result, data access is more secure and data management on customer-level is more nuanced.
  • Multi-tenancy support
    Optional assignment of master data and dynamic data stored in a customer database to different tenants, e.g. to represent a service business.
  • Flexible database selection
    Supports MariaDB and Oracle databases.
  • Authentication based on industry standards
    OAuth2 support for single sign-on and integration with customer authentication systems.
  • Easy integration
    Open system with extensive REST and SOAP web service interfaces ensures compatibility with a wide range of integration scenarios.
  • Highly scalable
    Effective and easy scaling and distribution of the individual solution modules thanks to the service-based architecture.
  • Efficient
    Efficient deployment and operation thanks to Docker containers.
  • No cloud vendor lock-in
    No dependence on dedicated services of individual cloud providers.
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