Consolidation and modernisation: GAS-X ZFA 4.0 approaching the finish line

May 15, 2020, 15:42 PM
Title* : Consolidation and modernisation: GAS-X ZFA 4.0 approaching the finish line

GAS-X calculates quantity data that is based on raw data. The raw data is measured by gas meters and recorded by data loggers. Data is retrieved regularly from these devices via remote meter reading. The data is then prepared for further processing and transferred to the GAS-X GDM module. GAS-X ZFA manages the master data of the technical devices needed to measure and record the metering data, plans data retrieval schedules and pre-processes the retrieved data for the export to GAS-X GDM. In order to continue to meet the latest requirements for an efficient data retrieval system, to eliminate weak points in the communication process and to optimise the user guidance for current processes, the consolidation and modernisation of the module was planned as GAS-X ZFA 4.0.

The implementation of GAS-X ZFA 4.0 is a joint project of several grid operators and includes the following key objectives:

  • Modernisation of the data retrieval software
  • Revision of the data retrieval processes
  • Introduction of monitoring components
  • Consolidation of master data

After the modernisation of the retrieval interface and all involved systems, Sopra Steria offers a high-performance data retrieval system that reduces both the duration of data retrieval processes and the data volume. The data retrieval interface is state of the art and is well-equipped to handle future requirements. Outdated master data structures, user interface components and user guidance methods have been revamped to reflect the latest process requirements. In addition to the modernised data retrieval components, GAS-X ZFA 4.0 offers extensive monitoring features, which reduce the need for manual intervention to a minimum.

The GAS-X product range also includes a mobile app that features monitoring components and notifies users of events that require their attention. The extensive modernisation GAS-X ZFA 4.0 project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

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