Within-day capacity marketing: Well prepared with GAS-X GRID

21. November 2014
From November 2015 on, transport system operators (TSOs) are required by EU regulation (No. 984/2013) to offer and market within-day capacity products (WID products). This means another regulation to be put into practice in the marketing and management processes of the transport system operators within a short period.

WID capacities can be booked by the suppliers within day for the current delivery day, which further increases transport system operators’ action and response times. Easy communication with the marketing platform PRISMA under consideration of the PRISMA auction calendar is essential in this regard. To handle within-day bookings, IT systems must be able to receive and process booking data and meet deadlines at the same time.

GAS-X GRID is well prepared for these challenges. Master data and all marketing and management processes are already implemented on an hourly basis. In addition to the known and supported annual, quarterly, monthly and day-ahead auctions, capacity products with a term from 1 to 25 hours will be managed with GAS-X GRID in future and can then be dispatched to PRISMA. The integrated GAS-X GRID components provide for an efficient interaction of all involved processes in one system: Capacity marketing with GAS-X GRID contracting, management and billing preparation of business transactions in GAS-X GRID capacity, contribution and declaration processes in GAS-X GRID allocation, as well as nomination processes in GAS-X GRID nomination. Involved external systems can be directly connected to the capacity management system via event-oriented interfaces.

Besides the functional requirements, GAS-X already provides the necessary scalable cluster architecture and the ability to operate highly available processes in 24/7 mode. Process parallelisation and frequent message handling have proven themselves in practical use.

With GAS-X GRID, TSOs are well prepared for the challenges of WID marketing.

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