WINGAS goes live with all GAS-X Sales sub-projects

28. February 2018

The GAS-X Sales implementation project at German gas supplier WINGAS has come to a successful conclusion after almost 2.5 years.

Produktivsetzung WINGASThe project team with members from WINGAS and Sopra Steria Consulting during the go live

Among the project milestones were the redesign of a master data interface that allows creating simple contracts automatically, processing Belgian customer billing tasks with GAS-X Sales standard features and the replacement of the dated DEAL module with a modern GAS-X Sales product component. With the implementation of Billing 2.0, WINGAS makes a great step forward towards automated billing, which also implies a reorganisation of the whole billing department.

“We really enjoyed working in the project team with Sopra Steria because of the open and sincere approach. In a market environment that is highly volatile for gas suppliers, Sopra Steria has always reacted flexibly and constructively to new requirements. With GAS-X Sales, we are very well prepared for the future challenges in the billing sector.” (Aurelie Rahmoun, WINGAS project manager)

The project was completed on time and budget and to the satisfaction of everyone involved. The staff of Sopra Steria Consulting has built a close and long-standing relationship with WINGAS, which paves the way for new and successful projects in the future.

Agnes Fiedler, project manager of Sopra Steria Consulting, concludes: “The project was a lot of fun. The WINGAS team and my Sopra Steria colleagues worked together constructively and with a clear goal. That way, we solved the many challenges that came up during the project and found solutions that worked for everybody. After the system went live, we all felt a bit melancholic, since that meant that we wouldn’t be working together anymore in the project. Of course, we’re all hoping for new projects in the future!

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