terranets bw: Successful go-live of new energy data management system based on GAS-X GDM 2.0

18. June 2015

Sopra Steria Consulting and terranets bw GmbH have successfully completed the implementation project for a new energy data management system based on GAS X GDM 2.0. System operators need to deal with both current and future energy determination requirements, such as the DVGW G 685 regulations for thermal gas billing. The new EDM system of terranets bw can handle these requirements both efficiently and flexibly. One of the system’s key features is the capability to process hourly measurement data.

The daily process with GAS X GDM 2.0 includes the following steps:

  • Automatic transfer of measured data from measuring facility via dial-up and IP connections.
  • Event-triggered determination of energy quantities and automatic determination of substitute values based on DVGW regulations.
  • Standardised market communication with upstream and downstream system operators and gas shippers.

The EDM system was integrated into the terranets bw system landscape with the GAS X APM module using a service-oriented approach. GAS X APM is a BPM tool which connects the EDM system to the systems for SCADA/Dispatching, gas quality reconstruction, measuring device revisions and to portals and the communication system.

In the course of the project, a number of challenges needed to be tackled. These included the data transfer from the upstream system, establishing a connection to third party systems that rely on proprietary formats and fine-tuning the new EDM system during the parallel mode phase. The close and trusted collaboration between Sopra Steria Consulting and terranets bw ensured that these challenges could be dealt with successfully.

Germany-based terranets bw is operating state-of-the-art high-pressure gas pipelines and facilities since 1961. By maintaining the high-pressure system, the independent transport system operator ensures the reliable and non-discriminatory gas flow for all its customers. As of now, more than two thirds of all cities and communities in Baden-Württemberg and parts of Switzerland, Vorarlberg and the Principality of Liechtenstein are connected to the terranets bw gas system.

Customer quote:

“By using GAS-X GDM 2.0, we are now using the latest EDM software generation at terranets bw. The event-oriented approach is one of the main advantages of GAS X GDM 2.0. This approach enables our EDM team to work much more efficiently.”

Dr. Alexander Weidelener


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