Sopra Steria Consulting announces new reporting module

24. January 2017

Sopra Steria Consulting announces an all new operative reporting module for its GAS-X and ENER-GX product suites. The new report generator relies on a consistent data acquisition model which collects data from all GAS-X and ENER-GX modules. The system uses that data to provide a wide range of highly flexible reports.

The report generator can process master data of business objects and dynamic data such as time series. The report module provides components which can send and receive data for tasks such as:

  • Complement internal system data with data from external systems
  • Transfer data to BI tools, which can analyse the information
  • Pre-process data individually (e. g. for presentation in a portal application)
  • Extract data copies for archiving purposes
  • Export reports to downstream systems

Reports can be provided in the file formats PDF, EXCEL and XML. The report module can create cyclical reports on its own and transfer the reports automatically.


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