Nowega relies on GAS-X Grid to handle capacity marketing

08. June 2016

German TSO Nowega consolidates its software landscape by moving to GAS-X Grid contracting, Sopra Steria Consulting’s solution for capacity marketing. As a result, Nowega is now using a dedicated GAS-X solution to handle all of its core value chain processes of marketing, energy determination, allocation and billing.

The new system is linked to the European PRISMA gas capacity platform, which enables Nowega to auction its transmission gas capacity on the primary market easily and efficiently.

Nowega is a transmission system operator based in Münster, Germany. Nowega operates and markets roughly 1500 kilometres of high pressure gas pipelines. The grid has grown over the last five decades and covers most of north-western Germany. As a result, the grid is the central link between the natural gas deposits in northern Germany and consumers. To this day, Nowega’s transmission grid is fed to a large extent with gas from domestic sources.

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