New development in the Sales module: Sales Desk add-on

02. June 2017

New methods of maintaining contracts and trading are increasingly used in addition to traditional offer calculation whenever up-to-date product-centered contracts are handled.

Such methods include main processes like fixing prices for existing quantities and trading additional quantities by purchasing and selling standard trading products within placed contracts.

Starting with a request to concluding a deal and referring it to billing, handling portfolio management and logistics - a holistic approach is essential.

The GAS-X and ENER-GX product suites address this with the new Sales Desk add-on for the Sales module. The scope of application ranges from contract management (tranches, fixations) to price requests, brief quotations for basic flat rate products to entire campaigns.

The key features comprise a user-optimised front end, electronic messages to a CRM system, portfolio management for successful conclusions as well as product catalogue control.

The system supports the automated transfer to the billing system and foreign systems and dispatching customer confirmations.

Contact us for detailed information on the Sales Desk add-on.

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