MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH uses GAS-X Sales

19. February 2016


In April 2015, German gas supplier MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH decided to make the switch to GAS-X Sales. GAS-X Sales enables a product-oriented billing approach which adapts flexibly to market requirements. After only 10 months of close collaboration, including a 3-month parallel mode phase, MITGAS and Sopra Steria Consulting concluded the implementation project on 01.02.2016. As soon as December 2015, MITGAS used GAS-X Sales to create prepayment invoices for January 2016.

Gas supply is now invoiced completely in GAS-X Sales, which supports the new accounting records approach and which also provides a ready-made standard interface to the new SAP IS-U subledger.

The powerful GAS-X Sales calculation engine now also handles the monthly FAST-CLOSE settlement process. As a result, FAST-CLOSE calculations are carried out for a period of multiple months, the results of which will then be transferred to the main accounting system in a semi-automated process.

In the course of the project, the product-oriented approach of the GAS-X Sales billing module once again proved to be the right answer to an unsteady energy market environment. MITGAS relied on a large number of contract templates to model products in the legacy system. Thanks to the high flexibility of GAS-X Sales, the product catalogue could be streamlined significantly by discarding contract templates and by bringing down the number of products to 11. These include standard products such as fixed price and stock market products as well tranche products that yare typical for the gas sector. Take or Pay Commitments are modelled as components, which are processed on product level and which are transferred and calculated by the system automatically. The same applies to transportation charges, which are recalculated both on an amount and quantity level.

MITGAS gas supply contracts are invoiced in the system by the German service provider envia SERVICE GmbH, who acknowledged that due to the flexibility of GAS-X Sales, the system can be used for other commodities such as electricity and measurement services.


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