MANGAT Project with Gasunie Successfully Completed

19. June 2018

Good way to start the month: At the beginning of June, the last major component in the MANGAT project with GASUNIE went live. The go-live marks the end of a large, time-intensive GAS-X project. The MANGAT project with Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH reimplemented all processes occurring after the physical gas transport.

As the objective of the project, the TSO processes Allocation, Market communication and Transparency, Billing, and Checks and Quality Assurance were modelled with the GAS-X products Grid capacity, Grid allocation, Billing 2.0 and Report Professional Edition. The particularities of the project included a specific alignment process with the market area manager GASPOOL, non-standard allocation methods and special billing tasks with the natural gas producers injecting in the Gasunie grid. The allocation process comprises calculating and assigning energy quantities to balancing groups and gas shippers as well communicating with the involved gas shippers and market area managers in proper market communication. The billing process includes commercially valuating and billing the booked transport capacities and other services of Gasunie.

The numerous project challenges were met adequately in cooperation with the client which is reflected in the positive feedback of the project manager Dr. Jörg Siemers: “IT projects of such size and complexity are implemented only every couple of years. With this project, Gasunie has optimised and consolidated the application portfolio for the core gas business process. The constructive and trustful cooperation with all business departments and Sopra Steria Consulting was critical to the project’s success.”

Gasunie Deutschland is responsible for the management, operation and development of a pipeline network with a total length of about 3,800 Kilometres in Northern Germany. Because of its geopgraphical location the Gasunie transport network in the Netherlands and Northern Germany plays a key role as the North-West European gas roundabout.

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