Integration of GAS-X ZFA at Open Grid Europe accelerates the general process

14. November 2018

An interesting project comes to a successful conclusion: In September, the last measuring stations of Open Grid Europe GmbH were activated for data retrieval with GAS-X ZFA.

Using GAS-X, Open Grid Europe GmbH retrieves measuring data for approximately 2,500 measuring sections per hour. Beyond the specified benchmark, the measuring data is now retrieved in combination with technical quantity determination, automated substitute value generation and anomaly detection within only a few minutes.  The calculated data flows seamlessly into Best View analysis.

The basis of the hourly measuring data processing is the excellent scalability of the GAS-X ZFA solution. For this purpose, approximately 350 data retrievals run in parallel at Open Grid Europe.

The functional scope of GAS-X ZFA was once again highly extended as a result of this project. For example, administrative tasks in the stations can now be controlled remotely.

A key success factor was the close partnership with Open Grid Europe and RMG Messtechnik.

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