German supplier MITGAS chooses GAS X Sales

01. July 2015

After having carried out a pilot study and evaluating alternative solutions, MITGAS chooses GAS‑X Sales. The results of the pilot study confirmed that GAS-X Sales standard functions can cover a large percentage of the MITGAS product portfolio. Implementation is currently under way and specifications are already worked out in full detail. The system is planned to go live in the beginning of 2016.

MITGAS will use GAS‑X Sales to model a number of products and product components which will be used for gas contract supply invoices. These products include BusinessGas klassik – Fest, BusinessGas klassik – Ölpreisindex for industrial customers, customised products for high-consumption customers as well as auxiliary supply products. Specific price settings of the NetConnect Germany and GASPOOL market areas need to be considered when modelling these products.

MITGAS is one of the biggest regional gas suppliers in eastern Germany and trades in natural gas, bio natural gas and thermal energy. It also provides energy-related services and supplies public utility companies. The basic supply area of MITGAS covers the southern part of Saxony-Anhalt, western Saxony and parts of Thuringia.

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