GASCADE Gastransport implements the European VIP regulations just in time

02. November 2018

According to Article 19 (9) of Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (NC CAM), transmission system operators (TSOs) are required to set up virtual interconnection points (VIPs) between adjacent entry and exit systems by 1 November 2018. A VIP serves to summarise transport capacities for only two markets at an EU country border, no matter the actual number of system operators physically involved. Existing old contracts of the individual system operators are integrated into the VIP and have to be taken into account by the VIP operator.

Just in time for November 1, GASCADE Gastransport together with Sopra Steria was able to start operative processing of the virtual interconnection point at the border crossing between Germany and the Czech Republic. In future, all transport capacities at the German-Czech border crossing in the GASPOOL high-grade gas market area will be marketed, handled and settled at the VIP using the GAS-X Grid software. Process partners for the implementation project on the German side included GASCADE as VIP FNB, Ontras Gastransport, OPAL Gastransport and the Czech transmission system operator Net4Gas.

Due to the large number of process changes in a very short time in various GAS-X Grid components (marketing, processing, billing) with more than 20 additional interfaces, the project was implemented by Sopra Steria using an agile approach.

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