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29. January 2014
The gas distribution sector is dominated by increasing competition and decreasing profit margins. As a consequence, efficient, interconnected IT systems have become a crucial factor for success and it has become essential to calculate and monitor contribution margins.

Flexible energy products have come to play a key role. GAS-X Sales allows these products to be configured either as a standard product – such as a fixed price, formula or tranche product – or as a custom product using calculation plugins tailored to the company’s needs.

Process-driven integration into established CRM systems is available for the offer process. As soon as an offer is accepted, it can be transferred automatically to a billable contract and a planning function. Maintenance overheads and the number of proprietary interfaces are reduced significantly.

The improved, intuitive GAS-X software provides invoicing for single contracts for direct customers, for retailer and bundle contracts, and for complex contracts that meet the requirements of customers with trading-related products or hierarchical calculation logic for multiple partners and contracts.

The GAS-X Sales planning module offers functions for planning sales volumes, costs, revenues and contribution margins based on a number of assumptions regarding developments in quantities, index prices and temperatures.

Moreover, the system also allows different planning variants to be maintained and compared in parallel. Planning information is stored in planning objects, which can be flexibly configured and can either be copies of contracts or independent objects for processes such as segment planning.

The sales module is also capable of calculating, invoicing and planning electricity contracts. This solution is offered under the ENER GX brand by Steria Mummert Consulting.

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