GAS-X introduces its new portal solution at VNG

08. January 2014
Businesses today face an increasing demand for thoroughly communicated information. When data is presented in a quick, clear and target-oriented fashion, business data transparency is increased and sales and procurement decisions can be made on short notice, which yields positive results for both traders and customers.

GAS-X Portal includes components called portlets, which allow for catering to numerous specific requirements. By integrating such GAS-X portlets, Verbundnetz Gas AG, in close collaboration with Steria Mummert Consulting, was able to further adapt its business portal to customer needs. Relevant data, e. g. from allocations, MSCONS time series and nominations, can now easily be accessed by VNG customers thanks to the GAS-X time series portlet. The GAS-X document portlet can be used to display invoice-related documents and the GAS-X subscriber portlet offers flexible data provision features by arranging commercial data and distributing it to subscribers via e-mail.

Steria Mummert Consulting created a concept for a customized GAS-X portal solution based on a requirements catalogue provided by VNG. Integrating the GAS-X portlets into the existing business portal infrastructure was identified to be the major challenge in the early project stage. The necessary changes were made to the VNG business portal in the integration phase, allowing for smooth operation of the GAS-X portlets. A comprehensive test phase recently marked the successful end to the project, which wouldn't have been possible without the close cooperation of all parties involved. The solution has been in productive use since.

In addition to solutions for gas traders, Steria Mummert Consulting offers extensive portal solutions for system operators, market area managers and storage facility operators. GAS-X Portal is already used successfully by various customers and a number of new portal projects are currently being implemented.

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