Formidable! French TSO TIGF uses GAS X GDM 2.0

01. July 2015

Transport et Infrastructures Gaz France introduces a new system for Meter Data Management (MDM) based on GAS X GDM 2.0. This makes TIGF the first TSO in France to rely on Sopra Steria Consulting's GAS X solution. TIGF operates a transmission system in southwest France that spans 5000 km and covers 14 % of gas consumption in France. The transmission system connects 15 Departments and is used to supply 120 industrial customers directly. TIGF is a member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG). The ENTSOG promotes a harmonised European market and defines regulations that support this goal. TIGF complies with these regulations.

As a general contractor, Sopra Steria Consulting is tasked with the introduction of a reconstruction system for gas flows and gas qualities and an MDM system for technical energy determination processes. The reconstruction system is provided by the PSI AG, who acts as a sub-contractor. The MDM system is based on GAS X GDM 2.0. A new MDM system was required to support hourly processes in the French market.

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