GAS-X GDM 2.0: gas data management on an hourly basis

28. January 2014
Modern gas data management requires systems that satisfy the unique demands of a dynamic gas market. Such systems must be precise in their operation and be available around the clock. At the same time, they must not interfere with the increasing pace of current processes, which can peak in an hourly cycle. Automated processes aim to make manual intervention unnecessary for standard tasks.

GAS-X GDM 2.0 is a gas data management system that meets such requirements. It provides event-triggered technical quantity determination in an hourly cycle. It thus satisfies the latest requirements specified in the German KoV VI cooperation agreement. The system also complies with a number of legal and technical requirements, such as G 486, G 685 and G 686.

The GAS-X GDM 2.0 module was developed in close cooperation with a group of GAS X users. The all-new Best View component determines the best possible values from multiple data sources on a continuous basis. As soon as the latest or more reliable data is received, the downstream processes are updated automatically. This ensures that the best possible values are available not only for source quantities, but also for calculated target quantity values. The corresponding processes can be actively controlled by setting flexible rules and checks.

System operators using GAS-X GDM 2.0 are thus well equipped to face the challenges arising from increased process frequency and data quality requirements in sales and marketing processes.

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