GAS-X BCM: simple balancing group management with Dispatching Monitor

30. January 2014
Balancing group managers and suppliers need to handle a large number of processes daily, including communication with participating market partners, sales forecasts and nomination procedures. GAS-X BCM provides support for planning, managing and monitoring balancing groups and capacities in a single system.

Balancing group management with GAS-X BCM assists you in your daily communication, balancing and contract management processes. This solution determines quantities from the allocation and balancing process (GABi), provides demand forecasts for specific customers and active sales forecasts for Day-Ahead RDM quantities and weekly and monthly RDM/SLPs. Intraday sales portfolios and portfolios for the following day, week and month are then calculated in the balancing group model. Each of the steps can be tracked using the GAS-X BCM Dispatching Monitor. Balancing-group-specific sales quantities are transferred to nomination management in the next stage of the process.

The system information required for capacity bookings and registrations form the basis of the capacity management system. GAS-X BCM thus provides a multitude of functions, such as transport planning, capacity booking and optimisation of secondary marketing potentials, including direct, automated communication with the European Capacity Platform PRISMA.

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