EMB uses ENER-GX Offer Management

05. December 2018

Since April 2018, EMB Energy Mark Brandenburg GmbH has been conducting a project with Sopra Steria SE to implement the ENER-GX Sales component Offer Management for the commodities electricity and gas. EMB has been working with the billing component of the ENER-GX Sales module for several years now and also wants to benefit from a fully integrated solution.

As ENER-GX Billing and Offer management communicate with each other in the software interface-free, creating master data in the billing department will not be necessary anymore. Billable contract objects are generated from offer objects at the push of a button.

Additionally, EMB wants to use the resulting data for better evaluation of the offer process: As part of the digital transformation, Sopra Steria SE currently implements a three-level approval workflow to enable paperless offer approval for EMB.

The project go-live is scheduled for January 2019.

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