EconGas: Realignment of sales, billing and planning processes

25. May 2014

All wholesale companies in this sector must fight off the competition with efficient processes and increasingly shorter time-to-market cycles. Having diversified over the last ten years, EconGas sought to achieve this by restructuring its sales processes, quote calculation, billing and planning based on a flexible standard software that could be adapted to individual, country-specific requirements.

As an established business transformation partner in the energy sector, Steria worked with EconGas to develop the GAS-X Sales solution. GAS-X Sales is an integrated solution for whole- sale energy companies. It is the latest addition to the GAS-X product family, a tailored software system that Steria designed specifically for the European energy market.

The solution for EconGas provides the following:

  • Quote calculation, billing and planning based on a standardised data model
  • Mapping of complex pricing strategies
  • Special support for bundle customers support for multi-level billing constructs (groups, chains, branches, metering points)
  • Calculation, billing and planning of modern sales products, such as tranche models
  • Modelling of complex versions and scenarios as part of cost and revenue planning

The GAS-X Sales solution is currently being implemented at EconGas GmbH and across its subsidiaries, thus providing the basis for mapping the key business processes of quote calculation, billing and planning.

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