Be Secure: Meter Data Signatures with GAS-X DFÜ

28. October 2014
Gas metering systems must satisfy increasingly high security standards. Data privacy, data security and protection profile interoperability requirements demand state-of-the-art technology. To ensure that data is transmitted in compliance with the latest standards, GAS-X DFÜ can now retrieve and verify signed meter data.

In cooperation with RMG, Steria Mummert Consulting has developed a meter data signature check. When a data logger transfers a message to GAS-X, the metering system creates a data signature which is transmitted alongside that message. In order to verify the origin of the message, the transferred data is checked against the data signature and the keys available to the retrieval system of GAS-X.

All the data that is relevant for this check is stored in the retrieving GAS-X system and can be accessed for future reference. This way, verifications can be repeated at a later point in time. The result of the signature check is stored in the status attribute of the meter data. Additionally, a log is created which can be accessed with GAS-X DFÜ.

The signature method conforms to the DSfG standard, a non-proprietary set of guidelines for digital interfaces of gas metering systems. This allows for wide support of systems, no matter who the manufacturer is.

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