Natural gas storage facilities and the role of the storage system operator (SSO) are of increasing importance for the gas market. With regard to storage capacities, the new control and balancing energy gas market as well as the Guidelines for Good Third Party Access Practice for Storage System Operators (GGPSSO) critically affect the market organisation.

Due to the new market conditions, there have been major changes both in the number of storage customers, as well as in terms of storage contracts and the mapping of storage products.

GAS-X Storage is an all-in-one solution from Sopra Steria, built for your commercial storage capacity management. Plan, realise and manage marketed storage capacities per customer and storage.

The GAS-X Storage solution supports you in planning storage products and storage marketing, as well as in realising storage operations with gas traders. Manage your technical storage data as well as all your storage capacity bookings with GAS-X Storage.

Everything at your fingertips:

GAS-X Storage controls the utilisation of your storage facilities on the basis of the marketed and marketable storage capacities in diagrams. Monitor the storage status per customer account by importing nomination data and bill the storage utilisation via Billing.

Storage expansion projects

GAS-X storage enables you to provide current and future storage projects. Monitor the development of your projects based on technical values and investment data.

Product planning and marketing in the storage model

Record technical master data, control and market products by introducing technical characteristics for filling and withdrawal rates depending on the working gas volume. Define and allocate bundled and unbundled storage capacities to storage facilities. Price adjustments on the reference day based on index references within the fee definition.

Contract model

Mapping of storage contracts with storage contract elements, automatic charge of fees based on product prices and contract terms.

Storage capacity model

Aggregation of marketed storage capacities per storage and customer. Summation of the customer accounts to map storage utilisation. Commercial and technical storage management based on processed nomination data and mapping of resulting capacities per customer account. Fuel gas determination and processing of other technical values as hourly, daily or monthly values.

Invoicing preparation

Synopsis of storage capacities for billing. Mapping invoices via the invoice monitor.


Determine fees per contract element on the basis of terms and marketable storage capacity. Calculation of variable costs depending on nominated storage entry and storage exit quantities. Synopsis of storage contract elements in invoice definitions. Preparing invoices for transfer to Billing for final invoice creation and, for example, for accounting.

Storage technology and storage project status

Mapping of active and planned storage projects and expansion.

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