Do you speak GAS-XML? Our software modules do! GAS-XML is used to communicate metering data, time series, contracts and invoices with GAS-X. GAS-XML is a standard format for exchanging data between the different software components in and outside of your company.

This allows for standardised interface access to GAS-X objects and thus for agile participation in the business process.

GAS-XML was developed in strict accordance with the XML standard and under consideration of associated technologies and open standards to meet the requirements of the ever growing communication network that is the liberalised gas market. XML serves as a framework for modelling gas-specific data and selected business processes. The communication protocol SOAP is used to submit the aquired data; BPM (Business Process Management) serves to illustrate and handle gas-specific business processes.

Therefore, GAS-XML is based on a technology that enables interactive, process-oriented and cross-border communication between different applications and systems. In GAS-XML, data, processes and communication form functional units that are used primarily for handling business events via event-triggered and process oriented data exchange.


The German Federal Network Agency has defined standardised business processes and data formats for the energy sector. The UN/EDIFACT format serves as a basis for electronic data exchange.

EDI messages, such as MSCONS, INVOIC or UTILMD, can be processed comfortably with GAS-XML, as there is proper support for these formats.

Additionally, GAS-XML has the following advantages over UN/EDIFACT:

  • The gas data modelled in XML can be structured and processed easily
  • Various tools are available to process the gas data
  • Interoperability across system and company borders
  • Flexible mapping of information or conversion of business messages in other communication formats, such as EDIFACT (ALOCAT, MSCONS, UTLMD, INVOIC, NOMINT, etc.), XML, Excel, CSV
  • Established, future-proof and practice-oriented procedure
  • Open standard, royalty-free use
  • Processing via BPM software module

GAS-XML provides independence from national regulations concerning external market formats. Using a language that does not depend on EDIFACT dialects allows for central and cost-efficient adjustments to market communication requirements.

Future European harmonisation efforts will yield various new requirements. With GAS-XML, we are well-prepared.


Today, it is increasingly crucial to be flexible and remain close to the actual business process. As a consequence, the business process itself should always take the leading role, not the various software components that are used to handle it. This is what BPM stands for.

Every software component has its own field of application, its own dialect and individual interfaces. Considering all these aspects can be challenging. GAS-XML is widely used in GAS-X to maintain gas-specific data in the workflow management process, communicate with GAS-X interfaces as well as import and request data.

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