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Tougher competition and tougher cost pressure combined with increased sales opportunities require precise planning and forecasting of gas procurement and sales.

With the integration of the forecasting tool mP Energy from the Munich software house metalogic into the GAS-X product family, forecasting data for planning, procurement, reporting and billing are available in an integrated system. GAS-X is thus even more capable of managing the processes of sales, delivery preparation, contract implementation as well as billing.

Competitive advantages with individually calculated offers

The integrated forecasting tool allows you to analyse and standardise the historic time series provided by the enquiring customer. You are able to calculate different dependencies on factors such as weather, holidays, seasons or weekdays. The information obtained this way will indicate the procurement necessary for the customer and the related process expenditures and their costs. This includes not only basic procurement costs but also secondary costs, such as balancing energy costs and structuring charges. Individual pricing takes the effects on your procurement portfolio into account. This way, you strengthen your position towards your costumer and you are able to submit the best possible offer.

Improvement of data quality in portfolio and risk management

With the integration of a forecasting tool into the GAS-X product family, you can access all historic and standardised time series of your customers for gas industrial planning and projections. Based on historic weather patterns, you can deduce different scenarios for optimising and validating procurement strategies.

Enhancement of the forecasting quality for daily procurement

The Basis of gas procurement for customers with recorded demand measurement (RLM) is the daily and hourly specific forecast within the commercial dispatching. The forecasting quality thus has a direct influence on the results of the transport balancing regarding the balancing energy costs and the structuring charges. The forecasting solution is based on the three most common forecasting methods in the energy industry. It contains all functions displayable in GAS-X for continuous measurement of the forecasting quality. Different forecasting strategies and models support you in short-term forecasting. This enables you to optimally embed the forecast into an integrated IT system in the daily processes of balancing group management up to contract processing.

Integration of forecasting for valid and quick Fast Close

Forecast data is not only required in the day ahead process, but also for a period of several days to create monthly settlements through the Fast Close method. With the integrated forecast element, you can consult a valid databasefor billing the last days of the month. External interfaces are not necessary anymore because of the integrated solution in GAS-X. This facilitates and accelerates the billing process as a basis for correct settlements.

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