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With the GAS-X Portal, you are able to provide accounting results online in the form of time series, values and documents to your customers without any difficulty. The multi-client enabled GAS-X Portal solution is an indispensable medium for providing time series of quantities and balancing results or state variables, gas qualities or invoice documents.

The object is to support individual business processes of different customers flexibly and optimally with guaranteed security standards.

Very complex and different requirements can be supported effectively through the bundling of the bidirectional information exchange via an Internet portal. Exclusively for a customer, the data provided can be displayed visually, downloaded spontaneously or subscribed to periodically. High manual efforts (mail orders, processing via Excel, etc.) can be omitted. The desired data are provided to the customer directly and in electronically processable formats.

Modern communication

Flexible support of different customer processes with a multi-client enabled solution with manifold visualisation options and high security standards.

Flexible data provision

Individual configuration possibilities and the real-time provision of e.g. time series, documents and gas qualities.

Service platform

A customer-friendly and effective platform for the services of your company, such as remote meter readings and measured data management, measured data and balancing group management.

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