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Gas suppliers, gas shippers, system and storage operators - everyone is faced with a multitude of new and complex information

processes in the course of unbundling and ongoing market liberalisation. Tailored to the different market roles, GAS-X solution BI Interface supports flexible and rapid reporting of GAS-X data for target-oriented extraction of information:

  • Market role specific display of GAS-X data for market area managers (MGV), system operators (TSO, DSO), suppliers, storage operators and balancing group managers (BGM)
  • Data models optimised for analyses for rapid and flexible reports
  • A powerful, high performing and flexible BI tool
  • Automated data input of the BI tool from the GAS-X database

Sopra Steria delivers preconfigured contents for quick use with the market-role-specific views. They contain the relevant control ratios of a market role with the corresponding master data and reports.

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