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With the GAS-X Trading Suite, you can manage your traded products, assess and bill them on a monthly basis. This includes spot deals at several trading points as well as derivatives, broker and trading fees.

Mapping defined trading centres with standard agreements

Preconfigured standard products of the trading centres, e.g. mapping of the master agreements, or individual options to determine penalties.

Flexible product environments

Complete definition of company-specific product types. The users or our consultants can configure new products with specific characteristics and calculation models on site in the client’s system.

Integration of spot trading

Process integration via electronic interfaces to trading, billing and accounting systems.

Flexible billing model

Summary of the deals on invoices according to the respective criteria (e.g. partner, trading point). Tax assessment and accounting preparation can be done separately for different deals or as a summary.

Mapping of trading platforms

Managing and billing of broker fees and trading centres.

Control energy contracts

Mapping and billing of the contracts and products for purchasing/selling control energy in the role of supplier or balancing group network operator.

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