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GAS-X BKN supports the processes of handling, communication and billing for the market areas of a balancing group network operator.

With GAS-X BKN, balancing group network operators can map the following daily and monthly processes:

  • Market communication with network operators and balancing group managers for incoming and outgoing allocation data and balancing group messages
  • Balancing group monitor with completeness and correctness check
  • Daily and monthly final balancing and calculation of the balancing energy, structuring charges and control energy fee
  • Billing of natural gas and bio balancing groups
  • Calculation of network operator accounts
  • Surplus/shortfall quantities billing with the exit network operators
  • Billing of the VTP fees
  • Assessment and billing of the control energy contracts

Market area model

With GAS-X BKN, you can access all structural information about the virtual trading point, entry and exit networks, as well as the grid transitions in the market area. This information supports you in the processes of balancing group management, including all necessary communication processes.

Balancing model

In the balancing group network operator role, the balancing model serves the daily provisional and monthly final balancing based on the reported allocation quantities. The allocated hourly quantities aggregated to the balancing groups are sent to the balancing group network operators in the daily process.

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