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GAS-X Grid supports all commercial TSO processes, including capacity marketing, capacity management, nomination management, allocation and billing.

Digitalisation and automation of core processes have rendered obsolete complex interfaces between capacity marketing, nomination management and billing. Thanks to the uniform data model of GAS-X Grid, business processes can interact seamlessly without delay or data inconsistencies.


GAS‑X Grid consists of the following components:

Grid base

Grid base features the commercial grid model, the balancing model and plausibility rules. It serves as the foundation for other sub-modules of GAS‑X Grid.

GAS-X Grid contracting

The sub-module covers capacity management tasks. These tasks include capacity marketing on the PRISMA capacity booking platform, managing business transactions and capacity booking. Read more

GAS-X Grid nomination

The sub-module serves to manage nomination, flow and external balancing energy data and handles nomination- and matching processes. Read more

GAS-X Grid allocation

The sub-module covers allocation tasks. These tasks include the commercial aggregation of technical quantities, the commercial grid balancing as well as capacity usage monitoring. Read more

GAS-X Grid capacity

The sub-module covers contract management tasks, focussing on booking and the billing management aspects of capacity fees. Read more


In addition to the various sub-modules, GAS-X Grid features a number of process packages. These packages handle business processes and communicate with external systems.

Components GAS-X Grid


The GAS‑X Grid sub-modules

The GAS‑X Grid module consists of a number of sub-modules which bundle related data and processes.


GAS-X Grid contracting serves to manage grid capacities and to support capacity marketing. In addition to major European capacity booking platforms such as PRISMA, the system supports the GAS-X Portal application and nomination systems.

GAS-X Grid contracting supports the following processes:

  • Management of technical and marketable capacities based on possession and ownership
  • Support for additional capacities / capacity from renomination restrictions
  • Partner registration process via PRISMA
  • Fee calculation in accordance with German regulations, change of fees
  • Auction calendar, automatic creation of auction product and auction process
  • Creation of FCFS offers including alternative booking suggestions
  • Automatic booking after auction, FCFS, internal orders and overnomination including declaration, conversion etc.
  • Processing of additional business transactions (return, re-return, marketed return, withdrawal etc.)
  • Automatic assignment of capacities to balancing zones
  • Booking and trading  restrictions, booking portal etc.


GAS-X Grid nomination supports the nomination and matching processes of grid operators.

GAS-X Grid nomination supports the following processes:

  • Support for NOMINT market messages and automatic nomination processing with preliminary and final nomination confirmation (NOMRES A / C)
  • Active and passive matching (DELORD, DELRES)
  • Bundle nomination in accordance with BRS nomination regulations, both active and passive (Single / Double Sided nomination)
  • Deadline plausibility checks (global and individual lead times and horizons)
  • Gas-related plausibility checks (biogas, gas quality, declaration, sender etc.)
  • Bottleneck checks and bottleneck resolution
  • Fixation of initial nominations
  • Determination of renomination restrictions including capacity acquisition
  • Creation of delivery schedule and transfer to the control system
  • Nomination portal, transparency portal etc.


GAS-X Grid allocation supports allocation and market communication processes. The main focus of GAS-X Grid allocation is to check and evaluate the actual grid access behaviour by means of structural information such as the allocation of capacities to balancing groups. Based on that structural data, GAS-X Grid allocation imports, calculates and exports dynamic data.

GAS-X Grid allocation supports the following processes:

  • Import of energy quantities, calorific values and volume correction factor
  • Modelling of zonings for energy determination on commercial grid point level
  • Assignment of energy quantities to grid points, balancing groups and time series types using a range of allocation methods
  • Aggregation of combinations of balancing groups and time series as well as combinations of grid accounts and grid operators
  • Determination of capacity use and commercial evaluation of overrun
  • Calculation of grid account key figures
  • Determination of surplus and shortfall quantities
  • Market communication GABi, GeLi for ALOCAT, MSCONS, SSQNOT etc.
  • REMIT (ACER), ENTSOG TP (ENTSOG), DVGW load flow data (DVGW) etc.
  • Portal for assignment of capacities to balancing zones, transparency portal etc.


GAS-X Grid capacity contains a billing preparation engine for all applicable fees managed in GAS-X Grid.

GAS-X Grid capacity supports the following processes:

  • Flexible structuring of invoices and credit notes
  • Allocation of fees to billing periods
  • Management and monitoring of the billing process including correction processes


All fees types that are stored in GAS-X Grid are structured during the billing process and are assigned to invoice definitions afterwards. The billing process for grid access fees takes place in multiple stages both in GAS-X Grid and in Billing. A comprehensive monitoring component supports the whole billing process in Billing.

The Billing module supports all billing processes including invoice document creation and an interface to financial accounting. This ensures fast and efficient billing of grid related services that are provided to gas suppliers and other market participants.

Integrated data model GAS-X Grid

GAS-X Grid is an integrated all-in-one solution for the digitalisation and automation of TSO core processes such as trading and booking of capacities, daily process handling in compliance with regulatory rules and billing based on a uniform data model. The system provides extensive monitoring features for marketing processes, energy data and communication processes and others. An integrated web portal is also available to provide time series, documents etc. to market players.

GAS-X Grid relies on standard interfaces to make the exchange of data with other systems, such as the meter data management system GAS-X GDM, as easy and efficient as possible.



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