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GAS‑X GDM by Sopra Steria is a state-of-the-art meter data management system (MDM) that can handle event-triggered, hourly quantity determination processes.

GAS-X GDM draws on our experience with its proven predecessor and covers every requirement of TSOs and DSOs regarding technical quantity determination, including calorific value calculations, hourly processes as well other legal and technical regulations. It provides all known metering point structures and algorithms needed for determining the volume at standard conditions and energy and calorific values at a metering point.

Major features of GAS-X GDM:

  • Event-triggered and metering-point-oriented determination of technical quantities in an hourly cycle
  • Flexible configuration of relations between metering points, both real and virtual
  • Data synchronisation of network interconnection points in accordance with requirements set out by the regulator
  • Automatic substitute value generation and audit-proof documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Additional automatic substitute value procedures that can be used in the intra-monthly balancing process
  • Manual substitute value generation by user, including audit-proof documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Calculation of mixed calorific values as well as tolerance checks and documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Correction of the compressibility factor Z according to  approved methods
  • Configuration of multiple data sources per quantity to use as a basis for the Best View procedure
  • Determination of commodity quantities in accordance with both the classic meter reading method and the method of summing up the time series
  • Integrated component for remote data transmission, including DSfG support
  • State-of-the-art SOA architecture, workflow or event- triggered calculation control, support for 24/7 operation
  • Support for data matching processes at gas grid interconnection points

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Formidable! GAS-X GDM 2.0 beim französischen TSO TIGF

Mit der Einführung eines Meter Data Management Systems (MDM-System), basierend auf GAS-X GDM 2.0, bei Transport et Infrastructures Gaz France (TIGF) konnten wir das erste Projekt bei einem TSO in Frankreich für uns gewinnen.

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