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The GAS-X Suite supports commercial and technical core processes of TSOs such as capacity marketing, nomination processes, energy determination, allocation management, billing and grid access invoicing:

  • Contract and capacity management and full compatibility with the European PRISMA capacity platform
  • Transmission handling including nomination management, matching and scheduling
  • Metering data acquisition and technical energy determination for all points in the transmission system (NCP, NIP, zone points, border points) in compliance with regulations concerning metering services
  • Allocation and balancing processes (Pipe-in-Pipe, GABi*, GeLi*) as well as the communication with relevant market partners such as gas shippers, balancing group managers, market area managers and downstream grid operators
  • Billing and invoicing of all transmission services (capacities, exceedances, surplus/shortfall quantities) provided for gas shippers, downstream grid operators and market area managers



*) GABi, GeLi and WiM are German regulations for daily and hourly balancing processes, customer change processes and changing measurement services for metering points

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