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GAS-X Sales focuses on the requirements of European wholesales gas suppliers. Based on Sopra Steria’s many years of gas market experience, GAS-X Sales unites quotation calculation, planning and billing in one system.

Integration with CRM systems and synchronisation of core processes enable real-time retrieval of information from order processes in planning and billing.

GAS-X Sales combines existing standards with company-specific requirements. Customised sales and billing processes can be integrated using a plug-in mechanism in GAS-X Sales and ensure a high level of individuality in product design while focusing on the product itself.

Quotation calculation

Use GAS-X Sales and its specialised architecture as a futureoriented system for the European market. You are offered high flexibility in mapping different products during the quotation process.

This is how you benefit from creating quotations with GAS-X Sales:
  • Modelling of complex price settings
  • Calculation of quotations incl. integration with optional CRM system
  • Creation of short indications
  • Automated transfer of quotations to billing contracts and plan objects
  • Contribution margin calculation monthly or for the entire contract term


Combine sales and billing processes with GAS-X Sales and open up new horizons in quantity, revenue and margin planning. Data records from supported bottom-up planning are directly connected to quotation creation and billing. Decide flexibly which data you would like to provide for further processing.

This is how you benefit from planning with GAS-X Sales:
  • Quantity, revenue and margin planning
  • Autonomous planning constructs via versions
  • Scenario-based planning frameworks and simulations
  • Planning data export for strategic planning
  • Use of specific objects for acquisitions and losses to be expected
  • Retrograde simulations of scenarios for known costs


Transfer all information from your quotations to the billing process automatically. This means: extensive interface coordination and adjustments or manual effort, e.g. for new products, are avoided. As in other processes in GAS-X Sales, you are able to bill a variety of product constructs.

This is how you benefit from billing with GAS-X Sales:
  • Special support for product-oriented contracts
  • Special support for bundle customers: support of multi-level billing constructs (groups, chains, branches, metering points)
  • Company-specific billing of the latest sales products (e.g. tranche model, inter-branch compensation)
  • Billing complex contracts
  • Separate modelling of transport and supply components and efficiency through further use and adjustability of transport models
  • Price calculations with connections to market price databases (daily prices, TTF, EEX, PFC)
  • Use of various currencies within one contract
  • Quantity object management: any quantity objects in different constellations

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German supplier MITGAS chooses GAS‑X Sales

After having carried out a pilot study and evaluating alternative solutions, MITGAS chooses GAS X Sales. The results of the pilot study confirmed that GAS-X Sales standard functions can cover a large percentage of the MITGAS product portfolio. Implementation is currently under way and specifications are already worked out in full detail. The system is planned to go live in the beginning of 2016.

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