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ENER-GX Sales is the new module in the GAS-X suite designed to meet the requirements of European gas traders and suppliers.

Sopra Steria draws on many years of experience in the energy market to make ENER-GX Sales a flexible and powerful package that combines offer calculation, planning and billing.
ENER-GX Sales is an integrated multi-commodity solution. As such, it supports the offer calculation, billing and sales planning processes for any commodity including electricity and gas.

Integrating ENER-GX Sales

Use ENER-GX Sales and its specialised architecture as a future-oriented system for the European market. Create representations of your products with the highly flexible product creation features in the offer calculation phase.


Discover the benefits of creating offers with ENER-GX Sales:

  • Modelling of complex price settings
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Creation of short indications
  • Automated transfer of offers to billing contracts and plan objects
  • Monthly contribution margin calculation or for the entire contract term
  • Creation of offer predictions
  • Use of external pricing modules


Transfer all information from your offers to the billing process automatically and invoice a wide range of product types.


Discover the benefits of billing with ENER-GX Sales:

  • Support for product-oriented contracts (e.g.: tranche models) and customisable contract models
  • Specialised support for bundle customers: support for multi-tier billing constructs with inter branch compensation.
  • Separate modelling of transport and supply components
  • Extensive time series and metering point maintenance for energy quantity management
  • Price calculations that draw on market price data bases (daily prices, TTF, EEX, PFC)
  • Support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Process monitoring


Combine sales and billing processes with ENER-GX Sales and experience new possibilities when planning quantities, turnover and margins. Data from supported bottom-up planning is linked directly to offer creation and billing processes. Decide which data you would like to provide for further processing.


Discover the benefits of planning with ENER-GX Sales:

  • Quantity, turnover and margin planning
  • Autonomous planning versions
  • Scenario-based planning frameworks and simulations
  • Planning data export for strategic planning
  • Use of specific entry and exit objects
  • Retrograde scenario simulation for known cost blocks

ENER‑GX Sales Out of the Box

ENER-GX Sales is also available as Software as a Service.


ENER-GX Sales Out of the Box is the lean alternative to a highly individualised software implementation. The Out of the Box concept guarantees a quick and straightforward product implementation. ENER-GX Sales Out of the Box relies on a standardised configuration and standardised interfaces. As a result, you can use the system in a live environment in no time. Identify your individual requirements during the first phase and let our specialists make the required adjustments in a small follow-up project.

ENER-GX Sales Out of the Box Grafik


Run ENER-GX Sales Out of the Box in your company‘s or your hosting provider’s data centre or use our Software as a Service solution and let us do the work.