Billing - Secure. Automated. Simple.

Billing complies with general accounting standards.


Billling is highly flexible and supports all kinds of invoice types. As a result, Billing can be used to invoice all contracts with all kinds of partners, such as consumers, distributors and suppliers. Billing supports the invoice verification process for a wide range of invoices such as invoices for balancing groups, grid access fees and surplus/shortfall quantities.


Billing features a fully automated standard interface to transfer invoice and accounting data to financial accounting systems such as SAP FI.


A rich set of features

  • Creation of various document types such as prepayments, invoices, cancellations, credit notes and correction invoices in compliance with your corporate design
  • Period-specific correction process
  • Creation of copy and distribution documents
  • A wide range of calculation options for payment terms
  • Redundancy-free data maintenance
  • Service interface for master data transfer
  • Support for all individual billing process steps, e.g. QA measures or creation of related invoice attachments
  • Integrated quality assurance workflow for invoices
  • Time-controlled and packet-based billing for mass business
  • Financial accounting interface
  • Support for multiple currencies, languages and tenants


Access to data objects of GAS-X and ENER-GX modules

  • Search for contracts and objects stored in specialised modules
  • Display of data from specialised module data objects


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